Registered Nurse, Cosmetic Nurse Injector


Nadia graduated from The University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Nursing, where she worked as a Trauma Nurse to further build and develop her clinical skills. Since then, Nadia has dedicated herself to a career as an Advanced Cosmetic Injector as she has an innate passion to work within the cosmetic industry. She is very passionate about self-development and believes that when people feel their absolute best, they are one step closer to becoming the best possible version of themselves.

Nadia has an artistic approach to cosmetic injectables, she uses her natural eye for aesthetics to assess and evaluate. Her practice encompasses the idea that individuals’ natural feature should be enhanced in order to create a harmonious and youthful result. Nadia believes that beauty is found in our differences and it is our differences that make us unique and special.

Nadia focuses on creating individualised and holistic treatment plans for her patients that cater to achieving their aesthetic goals. Her treatment plans are extensive, precise and personalised.

Nadia is profoundly inspired by the human body and science. She is very passionate about being up to date with the latest evidence-based practices, standards and research. Nadia’s warmth, attention to detail and ability to empower and educate her clients is she reason why she has such a loyal client base across Perth.