Registered Nurse, Cosmetic Nurse Injector


Amy has 7 years of experience as a Registered Nurse working in some of the busiest adult and paediatric hospitals in Perth and Melbourne. Amy has a passion for cosmetic nursing and has been with MedAesthetics for over one year.

Amy has a wealth of knowledge, experience and professionalism in her practice and is always looking to continue developing her skills.

Amy’s specialties areas are lips, cheeks and anti wrinkle. She is enthusiastic when it comes to helping people and is a devoted and compassionate Cosmetic Nurse Injector.

Amy loves being able to guide, educate and create personalised treatment plans for her clients.

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Potential Risks & Complications

All cosmetic procedures carry potential risks, complications, and treatment limitations. We advise patients to seek independent advice from an independent, appropriately qualified medical doctor before thinking about any type of cosmetic enhancement.