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Subcision For Scars & Cellulite

Treatment Highlights

• Clinically visible results
• Gold standard treatment
• Excellent for rolling acne scars & cellulite dimples

Cost of Subcision For Scars & Cellulite

From $350 for acne scars
From $1500 for cellulite dimples

Note: above pricing is for general guidelines only and may vary based on an individuals clinical requirements.

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The procedure is performed using an aseptic technique once the area is completely numbed by local anaesthetic.

Dr Ehsan Jadoon

Subcision For Scars & Cellulite

Subcision is a minor surgical procedure for depressed (atrophic) scars & cellulite dimples.

The procedure involves inserting a small, sharp, surgical instrument, of a specific shape, in the skin through a tiny entry point (1-3mm) to break fibrous attachments present underneath most dermal scars and cellulite dimples.

Treatment Summary

No. of Treatments

A series of 3 to 5 treatments for acne scars.
1 to 2 treatments for cellulite dimples.
Each treatment is performed 6-8 weeks apart.

Procedure Time

Usually 30-45 minutes inclusive of numbing time.

Discomfort Level

Mild – moderate discomfort.
Strong topical numbing cream and local anaesthetic injection are used to numb the treatment area to make it as comfortable as possible.

Recovery Time

7 -14 days of downtime.


Some results are noticeable within a few days after the first treatment.
Results continue to improve with each subsequent treatment.

Duration of Results

Results achieved with treating scars and cellulite dimples marks are permanent (long term).

Resumption of Usual Activities

Immediately for most light activities.
Avoid strenuous exercise for 72 hours.
Avoid direct sun on treated skin until it is fully healed.

General Information

Potential Risks & Complications

• Bruising (common)
• Temporary swelling (common)
• Prolonged redness (rare)
• Infection (rare)
• Hyperpigmentation of the treated skin (rare)
• Treatment resistance (rare)

How Does Subcision Work?

The procedure is performed under an aseptic technique.

The treatment area is first filly numbed using a topical anaesthetics cream and local anaesthesia injections. Once the area is numb, patients are unable to feel any pain or discomfort.

A small, sharp Subcision instrument is then inserted under the skin and gently moved back and forth and sideways to cut and break the deep fibres of the scar or the cellulite dimple. Each scar/ dimple is treated separately unless they are located side by side.

The Subcision procedure releases the scar/cellulite dimple and stimulates the production of fresh collagen and elastin in the treated area of the skin.

Nano Fat Grafting

A small amount of fat (harvested from the patient using a painless, micro-harvesting technique) can then be injected into the treated area once the subcision is completed. This is done to help fill the tissue and lift the scar/ cellulite dimple further up. The natural stem cells found in the fat cells then help regenerate fresh dermal tissue in the treated area. The results are permanent (long-term) once the desired correction is achieved. More than one treatment session is needed for deeper scars/ cellulite dimples

The Pain Factor

Our highly experienced clinical team do their utmost to minimise any treatment associated pain or discomfort. Having fine motor skills and gentle pair of hands are important assets for any clinician.

Depending upon the type of of procedure being performed, we use high-strength topical numbing cream, inhalation (laughing) gas, local anaesthesia as well as skin cooling device to make the procedure as tolerable as possible.


It is important to understand that treatments which are not medically supervised and are performed at most franchised laser salons, cannot deliver the same level of results and safe clinical outcomes that specialised medical & dermatology clinics like MedAesthetics are able to offer. It is, therefore, vital that you choose your treatment provider based upon their experience and reputation and not just on marketing hype or discount pricing.

How To Choose Your Treatment Provider

The decision to undergo any cosmetic treatment can be quite daunting for some people. It can be tough to find the right clinician who you can trust.

People want to choose a clinician who can listen to them carefully and understand their concerns. Someone whose clinical skills deliver effective and hassle-free results with minimal discomfort or downtime.

We recommend that people should do their due diligence before choosing their treatment provider and not base their decision solely on the cheapest pricing in town. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Why Choose MedAesthetics?

All treatments are performed by our highly experienced team of medical doctors & Registered Nurses and Dermal Clinicians working together as a team.

We employ the latest and most advanced medical equipment and meticulously follow our treatment protocols. We dedicate substantial time to patient education, ensuring patients are informed of the potential risks and complications associated with each treatment to facilitate informed decision-making.

At MedAesthetics, we take pride in being truthful and ethical providers of cosmetic medical treatments.

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Risks & Complications

All cosmetic procedures carry potential risks, complications and treatment limitations. We advise all patients to seek independent medical advice from an appropriately qualified medical doctor before considering any cosmetic enhancement.